Anna Maria Stanczyk


A London concert 
St. James’ Church, Piccadilly,London.W1J 9LL Friday 26 April,2019 7.30pm
In 2019 Anna Maria Stańczyk Celebrated 40 Years on the Concert Stage
”Miss Stańczyk is a pianist with a genuine feel for the Romantic repertory.  Her tone although heroic, is capable of a myriad shading subtleties, and she has the intelligence and sense of narrative structure, that is crucial to any reading of this music.” New York Times.
Anna Maria Stańczyk proved to be a worthy successor of the best Chopin traditions. Her original interpretation of Chopin was, at the same time, supportive of the old masters (Paderewski, Malcuzinski, Czerny Stefanska). Her rendering of the Polonaise in A flat major was a combination of majesty, dignity, serenity and internal strength. Poetic and nostalgic walzes, were played with admirable simplicity. Culture & Life, Odessa.

Chopin Nocturne F sharp minor No. 2 Op.48  

“Music has given me the opportunity to see the world and to meet many wonderful people”.
Anna Maria Stańczyk